Adult Reconstructive Surgery

All of the surgeons at Rochester Community Orthopaedics are highly trained and board certified physicians who are experienced in evaluating and treating arthritic joints.

Before prescribing treatment or scheduling a knee or hip replacement we take an in-depth look at your medical history and conduct a physical examination. Should it be necessary we can produce imaging studies such as x-rays in our office too.

Surgery may not always be needed as medication, injections and physical therapy can also be effective remedies for arthritis.

If you have end stage arthritis our surgeons will suggest joint replacement surgery. We have knowledge of all available options including the latest cutting edge technology which will improve your range of motion and provide much needed pain relief.

Once we’ve evaluated your condition we work with the joint replacement team at Rochester General Hospital and will discuss how able you are to withstand the joint replacement process. We highly recommend the pre-operative class that the hospital offers as this can be enormously beneficial if you have any questions about your surgery. Even if you don’t have a procedure planned and you’re just considering joint replacement you’re very welcome to attend.

Now there’s no need to suffer. Thanks to Rochester Community Orthopaedics you can regain a pain-free life and once again enjoy everyday activities such as walking, tennis, gardening, golf and playing with your grandchildren.

Joint replacement procedures include:

  • Hip replacement
  • Knee replacement