Fractures, Sprains, and Strains Treatment in Rochesterbone fracture in the arm

Fractures, sprains, and strains are common conditions that the doctors at Rochester Community Orthopaedics frequently treat. These can include injuries to the hand, elbow, shoulder, pelvis, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. We have casting facilities within our office which are commonly used for wrist and ankle fractures and sometimes other injuries. Under the appropriate circumstances, water-tolerant casts can be utilized. We also have splints and braces available for simpler injuries to the extremities. Rochester Community Orthopaedics works with several providers for other bracing and orthotic supplies when needed.

Some fractures are best treated surgically and Rochester Community Orthopaedics surgeons are members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery and are skilled at restoring bone alignment to improve healing and the outcome from the injury. If you’re struggling with a fracture, sprain, or strain in the Rochester area, schedule an appointment today! Give us a call at (585) 218-4337 or request an appointment through our secure online form.

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