Knee Doctor in Rochester

Doctors who specialize in knee conditions and treatmentknee bones.

The orthopedic doctors at Rochester Community Orthopaedics are highly trained in evaluating and treating knee injuries.  From simple injuries including sprains and overuse to more complex injuries including ligament tears and fractures, the orthopedic surgeons at Rochester Community Orthopaedics are able to diagnose your injury.  After the initial evaluation, a plan for either further diagnostic testing or treatment is created to best fit the patient’s needs and goals. A state-of-the-art x-ray facility is available in our office and, if it is determined to be appropriate, an MRI scan can be scheduled at another facility.

Treatments for knee injuries are wide-ranging depending on the nature of the injury.  Simple treatments including rest, ice, bracing, and anti-inflammatories are sometimes all that is necessary.  For more complex injuries sometimes physical therapy and surgery are necessary. Rochester Community Orthopaedics surgeons will discuss treatment options and recommendations and answer any questions that you have.  Our goal is to have you recover from your injury as quickly and easily as possible and to be able to return your previous activities including sports and work as fast as possible.

What Are Some Common Knee Conditions and Procedures?