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Doctors who specialize in hip conditions and treatmentship bone.

Rochester Community Orthopaedics doctors are experienced in evaluating and treating a wide range of hip problems. These can include problems that show up in adolescence in teenagers including slipped capital femoral epiphysis and labral tears.  Stress fractures and femoral acetabular impingement can sometimes be seen in athletic individuals. In older age groups, arthritic conditions can develop that significantly interfere with people’s lifestyles.  In the most senior age group, hip fractures continue to be a common problem.

The orthopedic surgeons at Rochester Community Orthopaedics are skilled at evaluating patients, determining appropriate imaging studies, and creating appropriate treatment plans that best fit the patient’s needs and goals.  Our goal is to have you recover from your hip problem as quickly and easily as possible and to be able to return to your usual activities as fast as possible. Treatment plans can sometimes simply only involve medication recommendations and/or injections. Sometimes physical therapy and independent exercise routines are appropriate. For more complex problems sometimes surgical intervention needs to be considered.

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