Hip Arthroscopy in Rochester, NY

Hip arthroscopy is an advanced medical procedure that utilizes minimally invasive surgical techniques to minimize incisions, potential complications, and recovery time for patients. The orthopedic doctors at Rochester Community Orthopaedics recommend these methods to treat many common hip problems and disorders, including femoral acetabular impingement, labral tears, loose bodies, and cartilage damage.

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Femoral Acetabular Impingement

Femoral acetabular impingement, or FAI, is a disorder of the hip that results from the development of extra bone along the femoral head or acetabulum, which make up the ball and socket joint of the hip. The additional bone often inflicts damage to surrounding tissues as it applies more pressure and can pinch them as the hip is rotated during simple motions.

During an arthroscopic procedure for FAI, the excess bone will be shaved down to eliminate any future contact with other tissues of the hip that can often cause severe pain.

Labral Tear of the Hip

Between the femoral head and acetabulum exists a ring of soft cartilage to help the hip joint glide effortlessly back and forth. This cartilage is called the labrum, and when torn, can lead to many painful symptoms that often require surgery to repair.

Unfortunately, moderate to severe labral tears of the hip often have a lengthy and difficult healing process, which is why surgical intervention is so frequently advised by an orthopaedic surgeon.

Loose Bodies

It is not uncommon for small pieces of bone or cartilage to become dislodged and begin floating around the hip joint. These are known as loose bodies, which may remain asymptomatic and painless, but should be removed surgically if individuals experience painful symptoms regularly.

Cartilage Damage

As a person ages and their joints take on years of use, it is likely for the cartilage within these joints to begin wearing down. This natural process can be sped up if repeated stress is inflicted on the joint, and once a significant amount of cartilage has been lost, painful symptoms usually occur as the bones begin to make direct contact with one another.

Joint replacement surgery is often recommended to implant some sort of barrier between the bones and reduce friction. This procedure can be performed arthroscopically if the patient meets basic qualifications for eligibility.

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