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Fall Ortho Tips!

Fall Sports are in full swing and we need to keep our young athletes safe!

Home Coming is often the most exciting time of the year! High school sports are happening all around us and so are athletic injuries!

Overuse, overuse, overuse! We need to always be preventative when it comes to injuries, even in volleyball!


Ways to Prevent Shoulder Injury

Top Three Ways to Prevent Shoulder Injury

Top Three Ways to Prevent Shoulder Injury


If your shoulders stay motionless for most of the day, they get stiff which makes them more prone to injury.

Learn the proper exercises/technique

You should never use a piece of exercising equipment or try a new sport without knowing what you’re doing. You can seriously hurt yourself.

Strengthen external rotators and shoulder muscles

The stronger your muscles are, the more they are capable of. A very simple way to do this is to use a band/cable in your warm-up or exercise routine.

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