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Protecting Your Knees: ACL Injury Prevention Strategies for Athletes

Are you a woman athlete concerned about protecting your knees? We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a few essential techniques that you can try to help prevent an ACL injury.

To begin, be sure to properly warm up before each workout or game. Start with proper stretching and mobility exercises to prepare your muscles and joints.

Next, focus on your landing technique. Perfect your form by keeping your knees aligned with your toes during jumps and landings. By doing so, it helps to prevent unnecessary stress on your ACL.

Strength training is crucial. Include exercises that target your lower body such as squats.

Consider using a knee brace for added support and stability while participating in sports activities. Consult with a health care professional
to find the right brace for you.

Lastly, invest in good quality athletic footwear that provides both stability and
cushioning specifically designed for your sport.

By following these ACL injury prevention strategies you can keep your
knees protected and continue performing at your best

Remember prevention is key!

Fall Ortho Tips!

Fall Sports are in full swing and we need to keep our young athletes safe!

Home Coming is often the most exciting time of the year! High school sports are happening all around us and so are athletic injuries!

Overuse, overuse, overuse! We need to always be preventative when it comes to injuries, even in volleyball!